Thursday, October 2, 2008

Technological New Way

Here's a fun new mashup using one of Daft Punk's many mashup friendly songs, Technologic. Enjoy. (I know...sweet cover art...) Edited the decibel level to keep it around 0.

Daft Punk - Technologic
Young Love - Find a New Way

Break Formation - Technological New Way

Dangerously Rhythmic mix

Had a couple people request that I post this on my site, so what the hell. Looking back at the set list...this looks like a tribute mix to Tizwarz...heh. I have no problem with that though, he is one of my favorite mashup artists out there and his music definitely fits the atmospheres of the parties I play music at. There's mostly mashups but also a few straight electonic songs mixed in there. Enjoy.

Intro. Third Knife - The Youngsters
1. Mason vs. Princess Superstar - Perfect Exceeder
2. Hook N' Sling and Kid Kenobi - The Bump
3. Tizwarz - Take Shawty There
4. Party Ben - Another One Bites Da Funk
5. Tizwarz - The Lady Do it Well
6. Break Formation - Yeah Science!
7. Tizwarz - Stronger Like This
8. Tizwarz - Mad House
9. Party Ben - Walking with a Ghost in Paris (2007 Remix)
10. Tizwarz - You Got it Right
11. Eric Prydz vs. Floyd - Proper Education
12. Team9 - Britney - Dead or Alive
13. Space Cowboy - My Egyptian Lover
14. Break Formation - Apple Arcadia
15. Morgan Page - The Longest Road (MP Full Vox Mix)
16. Mark Knight ft. Luciana - Party Animal (Vandalism Remix)
17. Dj Earworm - Since U Been Gone
18. Sharam ft. Daniel Bedingfield - The One
19. Tizwarz - Physical Action
20. Break Formation - Miley Cyrus vs. Yves Deryuter

Break Formation - Dangerously Rhythmic